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Zibosoft Telephone Voice Recording System (TVRS)


Zibosoft Telephone Voice Recording System (TVRS) is a recording system that provides unattended, high-quality recording of voice. Zibosoft (TVRS) is a multiple channel digital telephone recording system that uses PC and Recording Card to record telephone conversations dialed numbers and caller IDs.

Zibosoft (TVRS) helps to make transactions over the telephone and to control the quality of personnel work. Its innovation and flexible features are designed to improve the operation of today mission critical enterprises such as stock, commodity monetary trading, mail order, call centres, public safety, military and other governmental operations.


Main Features: 

Typical Usage:

Storing records files on a hard disk (Dialy Folder)

Call Center, Help desk, Hospital, Fire Station

Auto backup to specific destination

Recording conference calls

Convert recordings to wave files which can be playback in Media player

Recording instruction, Clarification of Quantities and Specifications

Long-term recording depending on hard disk space

Protection of staff from abusive/difficult customers

Clear playback sound, no influence on telephone line 

Monitoring nuisance or prank callers

Can be used on telephone line (PSTN), extension line, conference phone, inter-phone, doorphone, etc

Monitoring customer service

Monitoring staff performance

Write down call logs such as dial number and caller ID, support complex inquiry indexed by date, time, dial number, caller ID, call type, etc

Finacial Institution


Auto Report for call logs processing


Search by trunk or extension number


Support voice playback on LAN


Search by incoming or outgoing call number


Robust design and simple interface for fail-safe


Search by date or time of calls


Popup customer information on the monitor of a PC on LAN or internet


Search by remark



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