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Tiptop Solutions delivers system administrator training, technical staff training and end-user training on communication products and solutions, at the time of the installation, or any time after. This includes new versions of software, where necessary as well as periodic refresher or additional training to ensure customer are getting the most out of the investment in technology.

System Administrator Training & User Training 

There are two types of training which are critical to the successful implementation of a telephone system:-

System Administrator Training: Administrator sessions are one on one to provide high level training on all functions and management of the system. The Administrator is the individual that will become the central point of contact for administrating the day-to-day operation of the phone system when required. Administrator will oversee basic phone system functionality such as adding or deleting users, supervising the system back-up, managing the telephone features, password administration, and similar functions of the like. This training will give the administrator a thorough understanding of overall telephone functionality who then can assist or train other technical staff in the operation of installed devices.

User Training: Sessions for users cover all phone functions to insure optimization of feature use. In User training an attendee will be trained on the various aspects on the operation of their telephone handset and associated features such as voicemail. Users will be given a brief overview of the configuration of the system installed and its intended mode of operation in their specific environment. The telephone handsets and their specific functions will be explained and how they interact with the phone system will be thoroughly explained. This includes such basic features as call hold, transfer, redial, conference, as well as advanced features such as conference bridging, call recording, and call forwarding. 

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