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CallMaster Call Accounting System


Call Accounting System can allow you to capture all incoming and outgoing calls made from a PABX or keyphone. Call details are automatically logged into the computer system and reports with standard details such as telephone number, date, time, duration and destination of each call can be generated at the request of the user.

CallMaster is a computerized call management and tracking system. With CallMaster all calls to and from your organization are automatically recorded in a customized database.

CallMaster can be connected to any keyphone or digital PBX with SMDR output through an RS232 serial communication port or IP network port. There's no need to buy any special equipment - ther CallMaster data collector work in the backgound of your personal computer.


You can modify your costing parameters as often as you like and re-calcalute your collected data according to new thresholds or new charge rates.




CallMaster Data Collection and Processing

Manage your phone expenses at all levels

Sophisticated queries to generate custom reports with only the information you want to see

Continuous data collection n the background

Generate easy-to-read customized report

Instant fixed-format summary reports for any organization level over any time period

Information is shown real time

Monitor calls on each extension and outside line

Support for up to three hierarchiral levels of organization units with user-defined names used on screen and reports

Data collection and processing of all types of calls: incoming, outgoing, intercom (depends on PABX type)

Keep track of excessive telephone use

Output destination options for generated reports - printer, the screen, a disk file or an export file for transfer to other software applications

Configurable call threshold criteria so you can include in your reports only data for calls actually made. This allow you to filter out calls lasting only a few seconds or less than a specified number of digits

Increase employee productivity by reducing time wasted on telephone

Advanced extension management options including user-defined extension type (regular, modem or fax), import to extension assignments from an external text file, and reports showing changes in extension assignments


Increase the effectiveness of your telemarketing staff by monitoring their output

Support VoIP dialing plan. This option gives a more accurate reporting


Reduce your telephone expenses by increasing employee awareness of efficient phone use

Network enable (optional). It allows remote clients to generate reports without accessing direct to the server



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