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Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch Call Center Office

Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch Call Center Office is designed to meet small to medium enterprises (SME) needs. It is a complete, packaged call-center solution reinforcing the “all-in-one” positioning of the Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect.

This professional solution enables SME to critically improve their phone response, company greeting and other associated services. It delivers advanced call-queuing and call-routing functions, optimizing management of a large flow of incoming calls and at the same time protecting the QoS for the caller. The OmniTouch Call Center Office is particularly easy to install, configure and use, thanks to its intuitive graphical user interfaces. 

This solution targets not only small voice-oriented call centers, but also services with enhanced welcome needs. Because this solution is integrated with OXO Connect embedded applications, such as Automated Attendant and voice mail, it enables your company to have a single switchboard number and allows callers to leave messages in an appropriate manner.  




Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), improving processing and increasing number of incoming calls

Agent Assistant, enhancing agent efficiency and company-resources effectiveness

Supervisor Console with real-time monitoring and supervisor overview of service levels and traffic, monitoring and anticipating incoming-calls flow

Statistic Manager, for post processing of traffic and call information stored in the system, controlling QoS

Smart Call Routing (SCR)


Call distribution and queue

Call distribution dispatches calls to available agents, with Incoming calls automatically distributed to services (groups) according to both the called numbers through dialed number identification service (DNIS) and the calling numbers through automatic number identification (ANI). Calls can also be distributed by the Automated Attendant. Within each group, calls are distributed to the agents. Each group plays a welcome prompt to the caller. If all agents are busy, the call is placed in the queue in chronological order with one queue per group. Depending on the situation, dedicated messages are played to the caller. The queue size is dynamic and based on the number of active agents. However, the caller can leave the queue at any time. Different priorities can be assigned to the groups and calls can overflow from one group to another if the waiting time is excessive. Visual Queue control option gives the ability for the agent to pick up manually, from the queue, a given call identified as a VIP.


Smart Call Routing

The SCR can route incoming calls by analyzing caller number, called number and optionally an account code seized by the caller. Depending on open/closed hours calendars, the call is automatically routed to any company destination, from users groups including Office call center group, voice mail or any dial able destination. SCR supports up to 10000 routing criteria.



Three OXO Connect applications embedded with the OmniTouch Call Center Office.


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